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    Jackie Realtor boasts a team of experienced professionals with an impressive array of the latest apartment listings available for rent in Tay Ho. We always have a large number of rental apartments in this district, and our intimate knowledge of the residential property market ensures that we can offer you the best options for your stay, whether it's for a few months or much longer.

    Tay Ho is one of the most sought-after districts in Hanoi, located in the northwest of the city. With a total area of approximately 2,400 hectares, including the 500-hectare West Lake, the district is a protected natural landscape and was planned as a travel service center. Tay Ho's geographical boundary includes Tu Liem and Cau Giay to the west, Ba Dinh to the south, Long Bien to the east, and Dong Anh to the north.

    Tay Ho is easily accessible from central Hanoi, the industrial areas in the north, including Bac Ninh and Bac Giang, and Noi Bai airport via the Nhat Tan Bridge. It is no wonder that most foreigners choose Tay Ho as the best place to live in Hanoi. The attraction of Tay Ho stems from various factors, including the expat community, the incredible view of West Lake, and its reputation as a safe and private residential area.

    Tay Ho is home to many Europeans, Americans, Australians, and expats from all over the world, which creates a supportive and welcoming environment for foreigners. The district offers a plethora of convenient stores, supermarkets, health care centers, and pet care services that cater to the needs of expats.

    West Lake, the largest lake in Hanoi, is the district's centerpiece and considered the "lung" of the capital. Apartments for rent in Tay Ho, particularly those next to West Lake, boast stunning views and fresh air. The lake also offers a range of exciting activities, exercise facilities, and entertainment services.

    If you are seeking a quiet, private, and safe place to call home, Tay Ho is an ideal choice. Many expats opt for apartments in mini buildings without security guards, while others choose apartments in projects with security guards. Regardless of your preference, Tay Ho offers a secure environment and peace of mind.

    Jackie Realtor can help you find the perfect apartment for rent in Tay Ho, whether you're looking for a one-bedroom, four-bedroom, penthouse, or luxury apartment. With many lease ranges, furnished or unfurnished options, and a variety of apartment buildings, including Elegant Suites, Sedona Suites, Fraser Suites, Hanoi Club, Golden Westlake, and Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area, we will help you find your ideal home in the shortest time possible and at a reasonable price.

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