Tuyển Chief Financial Officer – Code: CFO-PN

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    Chief Financial Officer – Code: CFO-PN

    * Salary: Competitive & Negotiable.

    * Working place: Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

    * This position will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

    * Job Description:

    1. Financial Planning:
    • Develop financial plans for the parent company and the whole Group based on working closely with the Group companies
    • Control budget and capital expenditure
    • Develop effective financial performance measurement system
    • Collaborate with the finance and accounting department of the Group companies to build financial models for each company
    1. Operation:
    • Participate in the Group’s financial decision making process
    • Supervise financial activities of the company members
    • Ensure the transparency and effectiveness of the financial and accounting system
    • Analyze and participate in appraising the feasibility/ profitability of investment projects before proposing to the BOD
    1. Public information management:
    • Responsible for all public financial information
    • Directly review reports sent to the State Security Commission
    • Implement the management reports to the BOD & BOM
    1. Risk Management:
    • Understand the risks related to the business model of the Group companies in the Group and recommend solutions to minimize these risks.
    • Develop risk monitoring system
    • Ensure compliance with the law and company’s policies.
    • Work closely with external auditors, supervisory board to resolve problems (if any) promptly
    1. Capital Management:
    • Effective management of cash flow and cash flow planning
    • Arrange loans and share issuance to shareholders
    • Other tasks authorized and requested by the BOD and CEO
    * Job requirements:

    • BSc/BA in Finance or relevant field; ACCA/CFA is a plus
    • At least 8 year-experience at the same position of equivalent companies
    • Strong leadership and organizational skills, good personnel management
    • Logical thinking, good analysis and synthesize problems skills
    • Honest, straightforward, fair, careful, attention to details, decisive
    • Excellent presentation and communication skills
    • Fluent in English, willing to work under high pressure
    • Proficient in the use of MS Office and financial management software
    * Benefits:

    • Package: Competitive & Negotiable
    • To enjoy full social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance as prescribed
    • Working in a professional environment, supported by the ability to develop, maximize work.
    * Submit:

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